Who are we?

We work a small family farm in Collex-Bossy where we grow both corn crops and oil- and protein-rich plants. Meadows and pastures provide the necessary fodder for the animals.A firewood business allows us to fill the empty winter months when nature is resting.

With the help of two farmer-friends we have built up production of oils which are either cold-pressed or old-style (seeds crushed and roasted). They are all certified Genève Région-Terre-Avenir and thus allow us to make good use of the farm's oil-rich crops.

The protein-rich and oil-rich seeds produced on the farm complete the assortment.

In consideration of the increasing number of horses and donkeys to be found in the canton, the idea was born to offer a rest-home for old horses. Our residents live in a herd with access to open stabling, together with permanent access to the paddock in the summer months. This situation corresponds best to the natural needs of the horse, a gregarious animal.